Saturday, March 19, 2011

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Other Sites covering this Topic:
1. Many articles on this issue are on Nick Maravell's website
(including written testimonies made on the Tues. mtg @ Board of Education prior to the vote to change lease):  

2. The Parent's Coalition of Montgomery County
3. The West Montgomery County Citizen's Association 
P.O. Box 59335, Potomac, MD 20854
4. Montgomery Countryside Alliance
P.O. Box 120, Boyds, Maryland  20841
Can I watch the BOE proceedings?
Sure, click here (the beginning will have the great  public comments from farm supporters, to see the discussion and vote, click on "consent items" and click "watch now". This only seems to work with Internet Explorer.) To see the memo from School Superintendent Dr. Weast to the BOE that accompanied the agenda that day, click here.
Where are the exiting MSI soccer fields?
All ~185
of them can be found 
right here 
A concerned Potomac resident has figured out that there are 20 existing soccer fields  in the 20854 zip code:
1) Avenel - has multiple fields
2) Bells Mill elementary - 5 fields ?
3) Beverly Farms
4) Buck Branch
5) Bullis - multiple fields
6) Carderock Springs (Bethesda, 20817) - elementary school for RF
7) Cold Spring elementary
8) Falls Road Local Park
9) Heritage Farm Park - Hall
10) Hoover MS
11) Ivymount Seven Locks
12) Heights School
13) St Andrews
14) McLean School of MD 
15) Our Lady of Mercy
16) a new field is being put in at Potomac the Potomac Community Center
17) a new field is slated for (or is being put in at) Glenn Road
18) another field is slated for expansion - can't find the name
19) North Potomac Community Center  20878
20) Churchill High School
What is so bad about Artificial Turf Anyway?  
There are many health and environmental issues (detailed best at associated with artificial fields. Locally we also feel that the many longtime natural turf farming families in the County should be getting that business to benefit the local economy. 

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